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Terms and Conditions for Skate 2 Eights, Ice Skate to Roller Skate Conversions:


1. Conversion Service Description:


• Skate 2 Eights provides a service that transforms ice skates into roller skates, offering customers a versatile skating experience.


2. Eligibility:

• Only ice skates meeting specific criteria are eligible for conversion. Customers must ensure their ice skates are in suitable condition for the conversion process.


3. Conversion Process:


• The conversion will be performed by our skilled technicians at Skate 2 Eights. Customers are responsible for shipping their ice skates to and from our designated facility at their own expense.


4. Quality Assurance:


• Skate 2 Eights strives to maintain high-quality standards during the conversion process. However, minor variations may occur, and customers accept these as part of the conversion service.


5. Cost and Payment:


• The cost of the conversion service, along with any applicable taxes and shipping fees will be clearly communicated to the customer before initiating the process.

* Payment must be made in full before the converted skates are shipped back to the customer.


6. Turnaround Time:


• The estimated turnaround time for the conversion process will be provided to the customer upon request. Delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances, and Skate 2 Eights will communicate any changes promptly.


7. Shipping:


• Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping both to and from Skate 2 Eights’ facility. We recommend using a reliable shipping service and obtaining tracking information.


8. Returns and Refunds:


• Returns will only be accepted in cases of defects directly attributable to the conversion process. Refunds will be issued after inspection and approval by Skate 2 Eights technicians.


9. Liability:


• Skate 2 Eights’ liability is limited to the cost of the conversion service. We are not responsible for any injuries, damages, or other issues arising from the use of the converted skates.


10. Customer Responsibilities:


• Customers must provide accurate information about their ice skates and follow any instructions provided by Skate 2 Eights. Failure to do so may result in delays or additional charges.


11. Modification Restrictions:


• Customers are advised against making further modifications to the converted skates, as this may compromise safety.


12. Second-Hand Boots and Altering Purpose:


• Customers may choose to provide second-hand boots for the conversion process. Skate 2 Eights will assess the suitability of these boots for conversion, and any additional costs will be communicated beforehand.

• Altering the original purpose of the skates may affect performance and safety. Customers are advised to use the converted skates within recommended guidelines and assume responsibility for any consequences resulting from altered use.


By proceeding with the ice skate to roller skate conversion service from Skate 2 Eights, the customer acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions .

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